Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS)

Independent Living Solutions partners with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (Department of Aging and Disability Services) to provide job development, assessment and coaching services to adults with disabilities. The BRS receives federal funding to create employment opportunities for disabled people and help them live independently.

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Our Services

Independent Living Solutions provides a number of services to help candidates reach their vocational goals. We work with candidates to identify their strengths and interests and then develop an employment plan tailored to their specific needs. We work in conjunction with the BRS to provide the following:

  • Interview Preparedness Training – This training assists with interviewing skills, resume writing and application techniques to help you prepare for your job search.
  • Individual Placement Assistance – We help you identify local employers who might have job openings in your area of interest or advise you on interviewing and resume writing. If needed, arrangements can be made for someone to accompany you to interviews.
  • Work Evaluation – A work evaluation is an opportunity for you to try out a real job to determine if you are suited to a particular type of work. A trained evaluator will go with you to assist you in understanding the job and to observe your performance.
  • Job Coaching – A job coach is a person who provides the on-site support you need to keep a job in the community. S/he may provide the following services: help your employer train you on the skills needed for the job; help you work with supervisors and co-workers; help you learn how to use transportation for going to work; help you to know what is expected of you on the job; and provide assistance if the work becomes too difficult for you or if other problems arise that affect your work. Sometimes the job coach may work with your employer to teach him/her how to provide support to you.
  • Working Interview – A Working Interview is an opportunity for you to compete for an open position while we help determine what, if any, additional support might be needed for you to be successful in that employment. At the same time, a Working Interview also provides the employer an opportunity to see you “in action” and to base their decision to hire on how well you perform in the job, rather than on how well you may interview.
  • On-the-Job Training – In some cases, we contract with an employer to train you to learn specific job skill(s) in their place of business. In these cases, the employer will hire you and provide On-the-Job Training (OJT) for a specific amount of time. At the conclusion of the training period, you are often retained as a permanent employee if you did well in the job.


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Why Choose Us?

With our extensive network of community based employers in an variety of industries throughout Connecticut, Independent Living Solutions is able to secure assessment and employment sites shortly after initial referral and intake. We also work with each of our clients to identify their strengths, abilities and interests. A strong match between the employment site we develop and the candidate’s skill set ensures that success and long-term employment is the likely outcome.


For more information regarding our work with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, please call 203-757-5890 or fill out our simple contact form.