Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Services

Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)

ILST services are provided in a one-to-one capacity by experienced, certified team members. Independent Living Solutions works attentively with each client and their interdisciplinary team to tailor ILST programming to maximize our client’s skills in areas such as communication and interpersonal skills, medication management, personal finance management, cooking, shopping, problem solving and transportation management.

Non-Medical Care Provider

Companion Services

Companion services are provided in order to offer our clients the opportunity to continue working on goals in the community, focusing on recreational and social activities.

Homemaking Services

Homemaking services are closely linked with our expansive residential services array. This service enables staff to assist our clients to remain independent in their own residences. These services include tasks such as meal preparation and light housekeeping for clients who are unable to do so.

Pre-Vocational Services

At Independent Living Solutions, Pre-Vocational services are utilized to assist our clients learn/relearn the skills required to successfully reenter a competitive work environment. In addition to basic skills training, team members also work with our clients to identify and explore available employment and training opportunities in the community to further enhance their marketable skill sets.

Supported Employment Services

Our Supported Employment Services are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client in their chosen competitive employment roles. Team members work closely with our clients in a variety of employment settings to provide ongoing “on the job” training and support to ensure continued success in their employment role.

Recovery Assistant

RA services promote an individual’s strengths and abilities to maintain and foster community living skills, in accordance with therapeutic goals outlined in the individual’s service plan. Services may include improvement of socialization, self-advocacy, and the development of natural supports.

Residential Services

At Independent Living Solutions, we have developed a number of strategies in order to maximize our client’s success in residential settings.


We accept referrals from: DDS, ABI Medicaid Waiver, Money Follows the Person (MFP), the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Workman’s Compensation, Insurance Companies, Private Funding and Self Pay.

Specialized Programming

Culinary Programming

The culinary program was originally developed to prepare our clients in the food service operations that they would need to be independently successful in the community, such as food preparation, menu planning, purchasing food supplies and appropriate use of equipment in kitchen environments. However, driven by our clients’ needs and desires the program has rapidly grown to include activities such as restaurant and specialized food industry visits/tours, industry professional presentations and the development of knowledge concerning world cuisine and culture.

The culinary program also provides our clients with the experience of working as a member of a team in a kitchen environment. The program also enables our clients to develop their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills while under the supervision of our team members.

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New Beginnings

As a subsidiary of Independent Living Solutions, New Beginnings provides vocational training services to individuals that are recovering from Acquired Brain Injuries. The mission of the agency is to offer services that will enable the people that we serve to acquire jobs in the community.

A variety of skills are enhanced through our program. The concepts that we try to capitalize on are:

  • Ordering products
  • Research
  • Product Development
  • Attention to detail
  • Taking and following directions
  • Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting/price analysis
  • Computer skills
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Fine and gross motor skills

To learn more about New Beginnings, contact us at 203-757-5890.

Support Groups

Independent Living Solutions is committed to providing information, support and encouragement (Link to Support) to all brain injury survivors and their loved ones. In conjunction with this commitment, we have linked with the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut to provide monthly Brain Injury support group meetings.

The group is co-facilitated by staff and clients, is always warm and welcoming and is open to all. The group takes place on the first Thursday of each month at 2:00pm.

Information Technology Program

With the world becoming more and more technologically based our information technology program was developed around the goal of aiding our clients utilize available technologies to enhance their independence in their day to day lives. The program works to develop our client’s understanding of computer software, online resources and adaptive technologies to ensure their independence in areas such as employment, communication and social interaction.

Multicultural Program

Based on the needs of Connecticut’s Spanish speaking Acquired Brain Injury population, Independent Living Solutions, as an innovative leader of services in the ABI/TBI field, has developed a complete Spanish speaking program for our clients to utilize. Under this program, our Spanish speaking clients, their families and conservators will have full access to a case manager and service staff who are fluent in Spanish and culturally aware of the needs of the client.

Staff from our Multicultural Program will work with our clients on a daily basis to aid their transition back into the community after their injuries and to ensure that each client’s voice is heard by acting as translators and advocates (when needed), in the community, at medical appointments and during interdisciplinary team meetings.

For more information about our Multicultural Programming please call 203-757-5890, or email inquiries@ilsct.com.


Basadas en las necesidades de la comunidad hispana de Connecticut y personas que han adguerido traumas celebrales. El programa Independent Living Solutions como uno de los lideres de servicio, a desarrollado habla hispana, sus familias, o con tutores y representantes de casos y tambien nuestros empleados hispanos, que estan preparados para entender las las diferencias de nuestra cominidad.

Los empleados de nuestro programa multicultural trabajarán con nuestros clients todos dias, para ayudarlos a que tengan una buena transición en la comunidad despues de haber adquirido traumas celebrales. Nos aseguraremos que la voz de nuestros clients sean escuchados actuando como sus interpretes en casos necesarios, como citas medicas o durante reunions interdisciplinarias.

Para mas información sobre el programa Multicultural Por favor Cominicarce al 203-757-5890, Correo electrónico inquiries@ilsct.com..