Department of Developmental Services (DDS)

As a vendor for the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Independent Living Solutions has developed a comprehensive range of day and vocational support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a variety of community based settings. The mission of the DDS is to create meaningful opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to become engaged, valued members of their communities.

Our Services

Independent Living Solutions is committed to providing individually tailored programming to meet the needs of those we serve. As part of our commitment we have developed the following services:

  • Day Support Services – Which are based on aiding the individual to develop their life skills in areas such as problem solving and decision-making in “real life” environments, exploration and participation in their communities and identifying and taking part in community-based leisure activities.
  • Individual Supported Employment – Which is based on our one-to-one staff working with the individual to develop the skills and experiences required to secure competitive community based employment.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to our array of vocational support services, Independent Living Solutions will work with each individual to understand their wants and needs in order to develop personalized programming. We have the tools, resources and connections to help adults with disabilities reach their vocational goals and live independently.

Non-Medical Care Provider